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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Choice: A New Standard for Competition Law Analysis? Now Released

Concurrences Review, an independent publisher of US and EU antitrust issues, has released its newest book on consumer choice and competition law. In this book, ten prominent authors offer eleven contributions that provide their varying perspectives on the subject of consumer choice in the EU, Member States, and in the US. Various aspects of consumer choice are covered, such as the concept of freedom of choice in the application of EU competition law; the antitrust enforcement application of consumer choice by agencies; the historical origin of consumer choice as a concept grounded in German ordoliberalism; the economic approach adopted as well as the use of consumer welfare and consumer choice in EU competition law to reconcile it with intellectual property law; consumer choice as a mean to facilitate convergence between US antitrust law and EU competition law, etc.

The book is available, in print and electronic version, at Concurrences website and Amazon.  To learn more about the publisher Concurrences Review click here.

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